Collaboration & Communication

With our Collabration & Communication solution, you and your organization will benefit from true interactive team collaboration. Communication and collaboration in the workplace are nothing new. They are becoming increasingly important along with the rising of modern workplace, where employees are required to be productive wherever they are. "communication and collaboration (UCC) is a solution that blends traditional functionalities such as telephony, mobile VoIP, messaging and conferencing with innovative capabilities such as work-stream collaboration, artificial intelligence, and virtual assistants”.
Vision & Innovation delivers immersive experiences that help organizations boost productivity. People can work more efficiently across teams and stay connected wherever they are, on any device. You can make the most of this opportunity by offering integrated messaging, calling, and meeting solutions built on  our Solutions.


Collaboration & Communication

Smart Conference Rooms

Corporate Collaboration at Its Best
Bio Metric
  • Collaborate using any web conferencing
  • Wirelessly display documents, presentations, and video from iOS®, Mac OS®, Android and Windows®. devices.
  • Full open SIP and Bluetooth conference phone
  • See room availability and meeting details on room display
  • Support for independent dual displays

IP Telephony

Business service providers for Your Global Telephony Needs
ip telephony
  • Reliable Service Wherever You Need To Scale
  • Cheaper Telephony With No Margin Stacking
  • Responsive Support With No Downstream Providers
  • Easy Integration With Any SIP-Enabled Platform
  • Compliant Service For Long-term Availability

Biometric Solutions

Ensure absolute identity verification
Bio Metric
  • Multiple biometric modalities
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Universal data format
  • Robust & scalable
  • 99.1% success rate

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